Our Programs


English as a Second Language

Students learn conversational and written English in a safe and encouraging environment two days a week, from September through May. We offer 6 levels of English, from basic to Level 5.


TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion)

Each Tuesday, students study for their TASC, which is New York and New Jersey's current High School Equivalency test.  Volunteer teachers prepare students to take the math subject area of the exam. The class is taught in Spanish. 


Computer Literacy

Students learn computer basics, including using a mouse, creating an email account, conducting searches on the internet, and practicing typing.  As the class progress, students learn to create documents using Microsoft Word and Google Docs, and to create presentations using PowerPoint and Google Slides.  The class is taught in English.


Children’s Literacy

Our children’s program provides a safe place for the children to learn to read and develop their reading skills while their parents study English.  Our children’s volunteers encourage and instill a love for reading in children through the use of books, tablets, and crafts.


Volunteer Model

The Open Door NJNY’s classes are taught by exceptionally dedicated and motivated volunteers.  Most of our teachers have taught with The Open Door for at least one full academic year, and some have volunteered for over 5 years!  We are incredibly thankful for their generosity with their time and their efforts to help students achieve their goals.

Volunteer With Open Door