Our Mission

We empower immigrants to reach their full God given potential to successfully integrate, participate and contribute to the well being of our society.


the open door njny strengthens families and communities

The New York metropolitan area has one of the highest immigrant populations in the country.  Immigrants contribute to the area's growth, diversity, and economic prosperity.  However, low-income immigrant families often face difficulty in every area of life, including employment, medical care, housing, and education.  Many individuals feel isolated from their support networks, and children of immigrants experience disruption in their education as parents struggle to meet their basic needs.

An immediate need is the ability to communicate daily with children, teachers, and healthcare workers.  Of New Yorkers in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, approximately 25% of residents over 5 years of age are not fluent in English.  In New Jersey, 46.4% of foreign-born residents who speak a language other than English at home are not fluent in English.  Fluency in English is associated with higher earnings and economic mobility.  

The Open Door NJNY addresses these problems by equipping individuals with skills they need to successfully integrate into our society.  Classes meet weekly to engage the mind, develop relationships, and build confidence. As a result, individuals find hope, families are strengthened, and communities are transformed.